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We have changed up the requirements and the incentives for youtubers! Here are the updated requirements and rewards. :)

0-1000 Subscriber Category

Weekly Series (15Mins+) (Minimum: 10 Episodes) (Minimum: 1 Episode/Week)                                                           
Must Include A Review Video. Absolutely NO "Talk Chat" *Example: Welcome To Vortex! (In Ingame Chat)*
- /kit SmallBooster (0.45x Multiplier - 30 Minutes) (7 Day Cooldown)
- Orange Chat Color /ColorChat
- Featured In /Youtubers (Coming Soon!)

Weekly Series (20Mins+) (Minimum: 15 Episodes) (Minimum:1 Episode/Week)
Must Include A Review Video. Absolutely NO "Talk Chat" *Example: Welcome To Vortex! (In Ingame Chat)*
Extra Requirements: Have An Approved Thumbnail For Every Episode. Only Record With OBS(free) Or Other Approved Softwares.
- /kit SmallBooster (0.45x Multiplier - 30 Minutes) (7 Day Cooldown)
- /kit MiniYoutuber (1 VoteParty Starter) (7 Day Cooldown)
- Orange Chat Color /ColorChat
- Youtuber Tag
- Featured In /Youtubers
- Robber Rank OR 1 /Rankupgrade

1000+ Subscribers Category

Professional Reviewer
- Youtuber Tag
- Featured In /youtubers
- Access To /Fly
- 0-2 Rankupgrades depending on the quality

Weekly Series (18Mins+) (Minimum: 15 Episodes) (Minimum: 1 Episode/Week)
Extra Requirements: Have An Approved Thumbnail For Every Episode. Record With Only OBS Or Approved Softwares & Voice Audio
Optional To Create A Review Video!
- /kit Youtuber (VP Starter, Supply Crate Starter & 4 Leg Key GiveAll) (10 Days Cooldown)
- 1 Color Of Your Choice /ChatColor
- Youtuber Tag
- Top Featured In /Youtubers (In Subs Descending Order)
- Hero Rank Or 1 Rankupgrade
- Access To /Fly
- Access To /Vanish

Please Contact Coolfire02 To Apply For Youtuber! Soon After, This Role Will Be Taken Over By Our Admins!

Note: Incentives Might Be Edited Depending On The Situation. Not All Applicants Gets Accepted. Depending On The Things You Do In The Video. Here are a few suggestions! You don't have to necessarily follow!

Key Openings
Speed Mining
Lucky Block Openings
Plot Building



06 Jan 2018, 04:20 1 | 12
Hello everyone! A new update for prisons is now out! A lot of little miscellaneous stuff but still an update! I will go through the updates in the most important/significant followed by the least.

Vote Update

Default Vote Rewards Buffed!
Yep! They have been buffed! Checkout /rewards for more info!

New Vote Counter!
A new vote counter has been implemented! I just finished it today xD
You can now check your TOTAL votes by doing /votes! :D

/Rewards Update
You now get the FULL details on all of the rewards given when voting!

Cumulative Reward Update!
It has been updated to give more! Do check out /rewards to see the changes :)

Chance Reward Update!
Chance rewards are now more up-to-date and balanced! Do check out /rewards to check out the changes!

Help Update
The new /help is much more updated! Much more useful for newer players!

/Ad Updates
*It has been added back!
*More rewards are now 
available in the /redeem store!
*Prices of the items have increased slightly due to ads giving out much lesser.
*AD Key token reduction! You now get lesser tokens if you do get some from the key itself.

/Shop Update
More blocks have been added! Prices have also changed!

Vote Party Update
Vote Parties are now much cleaner! You get 8-12 keys and yep! No more BLOCKS!

Miscellaneous Stuff
- New Gear Chest Edition! It is now horse armour! *(Old chests still do work!)*
- Tab, Scoreboard, /apply, /news & /website links has now been updated to the new VortexNetwork.Me
- Updated many plugins to keep the server up-to-date!
- /Trail GUI looks much nicer now!
- Removed [ALERT] message from the supply crates countdown
- /Ah $1 million dollar limit has been removed! *It was just a minor bug*


26 Nov 2017, 08:44 0 | 5
Vortex Enchant Updates

MultiTool Enchant (Pickaxe)
It is a new enchant that can be found in the pickaxe enchantments GUI! It allows your tool to switch between any tools!
Depending on the block you are breaking, it can turn into an axe, shovel or even a sword! It costs 120k.

Lucky Enchant (Pickaxe)
It is a new enchant that can be found in the pickaxe enchantments GUI! It replaces a block mined randomly with a Tier 1 Lucky Block!
This is to allow new players to get a hold of more lucky blocks! :) This costs 8.5k per level. MAX: 10

Vortex Armor & Swords Bug Fixes!
 After much work, Hao has finally finished the new patch! Now, it won't take away your tokens when you try to enchant above max level.
Multiple grammatical errors have been fixed! Arranged the GUI so that it now displays from the cheapest to the most expensive and,
fixed the console not taking away the correct amount of tokens it should have had! :)

Miscellaneous Updates

Lucky Blocks Update
Donor mines will now receive lesser lucky blocks! This is because we felt that it was too overpowered.
Level 1 lucky blocks will now no longer be auto mined by explosive!

Anti Cheat Update
Fixed *MOST* Major irritating bugs like glitching back to 10 minutes ago etc!

Vortex Token Boosters
They are now available! These boosters will only be gettable through the donation store! And they are global =)
There will be 1.5x & 2x Boosters! Costing $14 & $22 respectively. (Prices will change!)

Crate Messages Update
Crate Messages will now no longer spam! Yep! Any crate announcement will only happen when a player gets an exceedingly rare item!

PlotMine And Command Images
The Images of them have been added to the store! Thanks Alocyte! <3


16 Nov 2017, 14:15 0 | 10