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IGN: Coolfire02
By Coolfire02 » 12 months ago
Hello everyone! A new update for prisons is now out! A lot of little miscellaneous stuff but still an update! I will go through the updates in the most important/significant followed by the least.

Vote Update

Default Vote Rewards Buffed!
Yep! They have been buffed! Checkout /rewards for more info!

New Vote Counter!
A new vote counter has been implemented! I just finished it today xD
You can now check your TOTAL votes by doing /votes! :D

/Rewards Update
You now get the FULL details on all of the rewards given when voting!

Cumulative Reward Update!
It has been updated to give more! Do check out /rewards to see the changes :)

Chance Reward Update!
Chance rewards are now more up-to-date and balanced! Do check out /rewards to check out the changes!

Help Update
The new /help is much more updated! Much more useful for newer players!

/Ad Updates
*It has been added back!
*More rewards are now 
available in the /redeem store!
*Prices of the items have increased slightly due to ads giving out much lesser.
*AD Key token reduction! You now get lesser tokens if you do get some from the key itself.

/Shop Update
More blocks have been added! Prices have also changed!

Vote Party Update
Vote Parties are now much cleaner! You get 8-12 keys and yep! No more BLOCKS!

Miscellaneous Stuff
- New Gear Chest Edition! It is now horse armour! *(Old chests still do work!)*
- Tab, Scoreboard, /apply, /news & /website links has now been updated to the new VortexNetwork.Me
- Updated many plugins to keep the server up-to-date!
- /Trail GUI looks much nicer now!
- Removed [ALERT] message from the supply crates countdown
- /Ah $1 million dollar limit has been removed! *It was just a minor bug*